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Hobéon is a strategic consultancy company with a strong focus, among other things, on higher education

Hobéon in brief

We take on both consultancy and certification assignments. Quality assurance is what makes us tick. It is the leading principle for Hobéon’s consultancy and certification practice. In close collaboration with our clients we explore ways to improve the quality of their organisation systematically and purposefully.


Where is your company now and what is it heading for? Hobéon supports colleges of education as well as entrepreneurs in developing their organisational vision and strategy by the design and implementation of strategic options. To ground these strategic choices we can design an environmental analysis, draw up a reflective scan, execute a risk analysis or outline an institutional portrait. On the basis of these data it becomes evident where you stand now and where future chances and threats may arise.

Additionnally Hobéon advises schools and companies on how to optimize their quality assurance system. To improve their quality continually organisations will have to set goals to attain the desired standards. Therefore arrangements will have to be made on all sorts of areas. Like no other, Hobéon has elaborate experience in developing and assessing quality assurance systems. Our clients comprise a large number of universities of applied sciences, poly-technical colleges and schools for secondary education, as well as company management and trade organisations. 

Many colleges of education preparing for an official accreditation audit or a site visit by the Inspectorate appreciate a baseline assessment, reviewing their state of affairs to learn if they are on the right track. An on-site audit is performed to evaluate the quality of an educational programme. 

Furthermore we have expertise in the field of developing new training courses, lifelong learning, sustainability in higher education and we advise on how to set up a joint degree. Hobéon offers specialized services in the field of educational law and legal matters.

Considering operations in the Netherlands? Hobéon has successfully guided various foreign institutions towards acquiring the legal entity status for higher education.


Hobéon has thorough experience in developing quality assurance systems and quality recognition schemes. We assess and certify organisations, training programmes and individuals along set quality frameworks.

Furthermore we evaluate courses in higher education on the basis of the NVAO assessment framework (Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation). The NVAO, among others, makes its judgement on the quality of a training programme on the basis of the assessment and advisory report drawn up by Hobéon. 

According to Hobéon performing high quality audits requires craftmanship. 
Hobéon delivers audit panels chaired by chairmen- or women that understand the assessment framework and underwrite Hobéon’s development-oriented method.
Chairmen- and women: who is who? will give you an overview of the chairs we work with . 

Hobéon, as a certification body, also performs the verification of professional competence for a number of professions. For each separate professional group, we apply a different set of requirements which are based upon (inter)nationally agreed standards.

Additionally for different branches and organisations we develop and perform quality marks, e.g. for the Foundation for the Protection of Monuments or health care organisations.

    Our approach

    We adopt an integral approach making use of different disciplines and crossing sectorial borders. We act as your critical friend while taking into account relevant trends and incorporating the latest developments within your discipline. We are a reliable sparring partner offering you sustainable solutions and giving you practical and useful advise that you can actually put to practice.

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    Do you require more information about our consultancy and certification services, please contact us at +31 70 30 66 800 or at info@hobeon.com.