Hobeon Advies

We help institutions realize their ambitions


Education institutions and companies are in constant development. The knowledge and quality of your employees determines the internal strength of your organization. Hobéon has the expertis and experience needed to help your strengths shine through. We help shed light on youer blind spots and offer targeted support in the process of adapting organizations.

In other words: Hobéon thinks alongside you and pushes you further. Our strength lies in contributing to specific change and innovation processes.


Innovation in education

Expanding or renewing your education programs? We are happy to support you with these developments. From researching industry and student needs to compiling the curriculum and from collaboration with the professional field to writing the application for government funding. Hobéon always works on projects tailored to your needs.


The development of application-oriented research has boomed in recent years. Many lecturers and researchers have contributed to this. Hobéon has been closely involved in these developments from the start. We helped establish various professorships and developed a framework for research quality assessment.


Collaboration throughout the educational column

Schools, businesses and governments need each other to coordinate the supply and demand for education. The funny thing is that the entire column almost never sits at the table together. Hobéon helps all parties in the education column work together.

Organizational development

Organizations are always on the move. They are constantly changing and every organizational change brings new questions to light. This certainly applies to educational organizations. Quality development is more important than ever in education.

Project management

Do you need help revitalizing your institution, working out your strategic plans , analyzing the progress of established projects, or advice on next steps? We are happy to help you shape and coordinate these complex transitions.


As an institution you never operate alone but within an administrative network. Hobéon has extensive knowledge and experience in advising and assessing (the quality of) management and supervision.

Legal advice in education

From primary education to universities, legal compliance is complicated and raises difficult questions. Hobéon can advise you and we have developed various instruments to assess your organization on a legal basis.