Hobéon provides Seal for Sustainable Higher Education in partnership with FIBAA

With the collaboration of FIBAA and Hobéon, the Sustainability Seal for Higher Education (SHE) can be offered to institutions in Europe. We are very enthusiastic and proud to offer a new service and to be a part of an innovative vision in education as we bring this vision forth into action.  

Seal for Sustainability in Higher Education

Higher education institutes can choose how to obtain the sustainability seal. Hobéon offers a regular assessment. With the partnership with FIBAA, institutes can now choose to combine the SHE certification with their FIBAA certification. Hobéon and FIBAA merged their frameworks to make a comprehensive hand out for all study programmes that wish to get a SHE seal in combination with a FIBAA quality seal. This will make it low-treshold for institutions and study programs that already have or obtaining the FIBAA quality seal.

SHE framework

The SHE Framework is developed in close cooperation with education partners in both universities that apply theoretical knowledge in the professional field and/or with universities that focus on fundamental academic research to measure sustainable development.

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Assessment takes place on the basis of self-evaluation, document analysis and (audit) interviews with management, lecturers, students, support staff and the professional field. The SHE audit is always customized and reflects the individuality of a study programme.
The SHE certification operates with five levels of assessment according to the level of SDG integration in the study programme.

The period of validity is equal to the period of validity of the (national) accreditation, after which recertification takes place. After this period of time recertification takes place. As to meet the quality requirements, after the first three year period, an interview will take place to see if the institution/study program has improved its measures or made any type of changes. 

FIBAA and Hobéon for a bright future in education


More information

Interested to learn more about Hobéon and the SHE framework? Or want to apply for the Sustainability Seal,  please contact Blanca Beaumont.  She looks forward to working with you!