Certification for Sustainable Higher Education

Hobéon is the only agency in The Netherlands certifying the integration of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Higher Education. Our audits offer insights into your current standpoint and provide a roadmap for future improvement. 

We utilize the 2021 Sustainable Higher Education (SHE) Assessment Framework for certification. The SHE Framework was developed to measure the level of integration of the SDGs in the educational programs of universities and universities of applied sciences. The sustainable certification was developed for institutions and education programs that aim to integrate sustainability as part of their foundation in order to contribute concrete positive social impact. The certification places certified bodies in one of five integration levels.

There are two routes to obtain SHE certification. A regular assessment conducted by Hobéon or a combined assessment in partnership with FIBAA. 

Route 1: regular assessment through Hobéon

Hobéon conducts assessments using the regular SHE Assessment Framework 2021. The assessment is based on a self-evaluation document analysis, and (audit) interviews with: management, lecturers, students, support staff, and the professional field. The audit is adjusted to fit the (institutional) context of the subject and always performed by a team of two auditors. The SHE recertification cycle is concurrent with (national) accreditation, so the validity of both quality assurance processes is the same. Hobéon conducts a mid-term interview three years after certification to ensure progress on stated goals and provide a benchmark for further improvement.

Route 2: combined assessment in partnership with FIBAA

Hobéon and FIBAA collaborated to establish an assessment that combines SHE certification and FIBAA accreditation. Hobéon and FIBAA merged their frameworks to create a unified set of standards for programs interested in pursuing both SHE certification and the FIBAA quality seal. This lowers the threshold for participation in SHE certification for institutions and study programs that already have, or are in the process of obtaining, the FIBAA quality seal. As with the FIBAA quality seal, the certification is valid for five years for initial certifications and seven years for recertification. As with the stand alone SHE certification, Hobéon conducts a mid-term interview three years after certification to ensure progress on stated goals and provide a benchmark for further improvement.

Make your contribution towards a sustainable future visible

With the collaboration of FIBAA and Hobéon, SHE certification is more accessible for higher education institutions across Europe. We are enthusiastic about the promise of this collaboration and the potential for further innovation in educational quality assurance. 


For more information on SHE certification and to begin your application , please contact Blanca Beaumont.  She looks forward to working with you!


Hobéon established the SHE framework for Sustainable Higher Education in 2016, originally named the AISHE framework. The SHE framework was redefined in 2021 to align with the redeveloped Sustainable Development Goals. See the website of the UN for more information on the SDG’s.