Chairmen- and women: who is who?

According to Hobéon performing high quality audits requires craftmanship. Hobéon delivers audit panels chaired by chairmen- or women that understand the assessment framework and underwrite Hobéon’s development-oriented method. Below we will introduce an overview of the chairs we work with, including a short overview of their backgrounds. 

Drs. Joséphine Rutten

Domains: Education / All-round

Thanks to her 30+ years of work-experience in secondary- and higher education, Joséphine is an expert in the field of education. Joséphine is an independent consultant. In the past, she’s been in (executive) leadership positions such as rector, director and institutional manager. She has worked on i.a. Stichting VO Amsterdam-Zuid, the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and the Almeerse Scholengroep. She has extensive experience with educational developments,  organizational change and quality assurance. Joséphine is active in several educational bodies and she is a member of the Supervisory Board of the secondary education foundation Kennemerland. She regularly participates in audit panels for high schools and (applied) universities either as chair or field expert. Since 2017, Joséphine has been a certified lead auditor for higher education. She is proficient in English.

Joséphine Rutten

Désirée Majoor

Domains: Arts and Culture

Désirée is currently the director of the executive board of Cibap, secondary vocational education (MBO) college for the creative arts. Désirée is an experienced director, in higher education as well. For example, for years she was a member of the HKU’s board of the directors. The HKU is a Dutch University of Arts in Utrecht. At the HKU she was also the faculty director of the theatre school for several years. Additionally, she has been the director of two cultural education and amateur arts organizations, “Theater Kikker” and “Podium Hoge Woerd”. The cultural and creative sector are dear to her. Désirée is highly aware of the national developments in the creative industry. She has an extensive network in the sector. For the last years Désirée has been fulfilling multiple directory roles in the cultural sector in Utrecht, within the “Vereniging Hogescholen” and as member of the “topteam Creatieve Industrie”. Désirée has studied theatre science. She regularly joins in the calibration-sessions that Hobéon organizes. 

Desiree Majoor
Tjeerd de Jong DEF2

Tjeerd de Jong MSc.

Domains: Healthcare and sports

Tjeerd is currently director of the executive board of the “Katholieke Scholenstichting Utrecht” (schools for primary and special education). Tjeerd has worked in education for many years. Until March 2020 he was the director of Fontys Paramedical School. He was also the director of the “Instituut Sport en Bewegingsstudies bij de Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen”. Until June 2020, Tjeerd was a member of the supervisory board of the department of “Succesvolle Technologische Innovaties in de Zorg” (Successful technological innovations in healthcare) at Tilburg University. At the moment he is on the board of “Sportbedrijf Arnhem”. Tjeerd is thoroughly acquainted with the applied science sector and has been familiarizing himself with the world of primary education. He has a good overview of the demands higher education puts on graduates. Tjeerd believes deeply in the added value that education and research attribute to society. Tjeerd regularly acts as chair in audits for universities of applied sciences.

Roel Klaassen

drs. Roel Klaassen MSM

Domains: Creative Industry, Humanities, Social Sciences, Economics

Roel is a private consultant and interim manager for the creative and educational sectors. Roel has worked for a number of universities and universities of applied sciences. He was, for example, ‘domein leider’ Education at the Erasmus university and he worked as dean, programme director and teacher at the HKU. At the HKU, Roel was involved in the development of multiple (new) programme’s. He also coached student research projects, implanted practice-oriented education and taught a number of modules (i.e. communication & marketing and project management). He has also worked at the VU. There he worked on development of an international master specialization and a matching department, his responsibilities included the development of the curriculum and strategy.  He was also  director of an private international business school (university level), he carried executive responsibility for four programmes, curriculum development and programme management. Additionally, Roel has been involved in the creation of a number of new Associate degree programme’s in the Netherlands. Due to this, he has a good overview of what ‘niveau 5’ (NLQF framework) entails. Roel is a certified Lead auditor ISO 9001 and has done the ‘Senior Kwalificatie Examinering’ (SKE)-training. 

mr. Françoise Lanting MEd

Domains: Law, Social Science, Communication, Education, Business 

Françoise has worked in higher education since 2007. After a career as a lawyer she made the switch to education. She started in secondary education and has worked there for six years teaching various levels (VMBO – Atheneum). Her experiences in secondary education provide her with a good understanding of the problems that first-year higher education students can experience when they commence their studies.  Françoise is manager of education at Fontys Opleidingscentrum-Speciale-Onderwijszorg (OSO). At Fontys she has also worked Law teacher, quality consultant and project leader for audits. She has been involved in the development of an Associate degree programme and has also taught at the associate level. Due to this, she has got a good overview of what level 5 entails. Françoise has an eerstegraads teaching degree, she has also taken part in a professionalisation project at Fontys in which she has increased her knowledge of assessment and exams. She has also taken part in the Hobéon chairman/chairwoman-training and regularly joins Hobéon-calibrationsessions. 

Francoise Lanting
Barbara Roemers

drs. Barbara Roemers

Specialisation: Remote teaching

Barbara has worked in higher education since 2003. She has been involved in the accreditation of numerous programmes, both in higher professional education as scientific education. Initially for audits for translation programmes, later on in medical and technical programmes. Barabara was project lead/programme manager at a private higher education organisations and subsequently quality consultant at a university medical centre. For the last couple of years she has found herself ‘at the other end of the table’ more often. She’s conducted (sample) audits as auditor, secretary or chairwoman. Barbara has worked in private remote education for twelve years. Barbara is available for both Dutch and English-spoken audits. 

Peter Wildschut

Domain: All-round

Peter is manager at the Assessment Centre of the teacher education programme at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. Peter advises higher education schools and programmes on assessment and quality assurance in that area. In that role he is also an interlocutor/advisor for i.a. professionalisation projects for the Inspectorate of Education, OC&W and (international) conferences in the field of assessment. For example for the AHE-conference in Manchester and the IOL in Paramaribo/Suriname. In his career he has worked in the field of vmbo, mbo and hbo in various roles. Now he is mostly involved in holistic assessment and programmatic assessment in (higher professional) education. 

Peter Wilschut
Eric van de Luytgaarden

mr.dr. Eric van de Luytgaarden

Domains: Law, Social work, Fiscal and Finance

Eric is lector Preventive Law at Zuyd Hogeschool and professor by special appointment Preventive Law at Maastricht University. As consultant and manager ad interim he as worked in many different societal fields (i.a. government and non-profit organisations). He is the chair of the association for lectoren and has a lot of experience as chairman (also for the NVAO and the TNO procedure) for programmes and legal professions in and outside of the Netherlands. Moreover, he is an auditor in higher education in and outside of the Netherlands for legal professionals and he has several directory roles in (higher) education. Eric has studied law and philosophy at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and has obtained a PhD in social philosophy – preventive law at the Universiteit voor Humanistiek in 2017. He has a large knowledge base and insight in both social and social legal aspects of the professional field, both in and outside of the Netherlands. During his entire career he has worked on the cutting edge of law, social organisations and education. Eric is in possession of pedagogical competence for (pre -)university level education in the subjects economics, philosophy, social studies and law. He is a member of a number of Boards of Exams. Eric speaks German, English and French. 

Vladimir Bartelds MBA

Domains: Journalism, Educational Science

Vladimir has worked in higher education since 2006. After a career in television journalism as reporter and editor in chief (NOVA, Netwerk) he firstly worked as teacher-researcher International Communication at the Hanzehogeschool Groningen for ten years. In this role he started i.a. the honours programme of his programme, did research in the Lectoraat Excellentie in Hoger Onderwijs en Samenleving and developed two minors. Since September 2021 Vladimir has supported the Hanzehogeschool Groningen by helping programmes, research groups and the organisation in strengthening and preserving the quality of education and research. For a while he weas a senior advisor quality assurance for Education and Research at the Hogeschool Windesheim and he was also working at the University of the Dutch Caribbean in Curaçao; first as educational director and then as advisor. Next to this he was involved in care for quality, curriculum development, educational innovation and graduation coaching. Outside of that he helps several higher professional education organizations as an assessor of the graduation level and graduation products. Vladimir finished the NVAO-training for secretaries in 2013 and has subsequently visited a large number of programmes in the technical, social, educational and economical domains. During the last years, Valadimir is also active in external evaluation of applied scientific research for several higher professional education schools. In 2018, he finished the Hobéon-training for chairman. He has a didactische aantekening and the certificate Basis Kwalificatie Examinering (BKE). Vladimir is also available for English-spoken audits. 

Vladimir Bartelds Han Brezet

Domains: Arts and engineering

Han is parttime professor Sustainable Innovation   at the Aalborg University (Denmark) and emeritus professor at the Faculty of Industrial Design (IO) at the TU Delft. At the TU Delft, where he has been teaching since 1992, he was research director at the faculty Industrial Design and director of the Graduate School in which more than a 100 promovendi are enrolled. Next to that he has been involved in the Design for Sustainability programme from the start as founder and coordinator. For the ennergie-innovation bachelor and master of the Hanzehogeschool Groningen he developed educational modules including assessments. He has gained similar experience in the role of extraordinary lector for the Hogeschool Rotterdam and the NHL. Han is a scientist, but he also likes to be societally involved. For example, he coached numerous sustainable entrepreneurs and has been a juror for initiatives in the area of environment and sustainability (Gasterra Transitie Jaarprijs, Duurzame Lintjes, Het beste idee van Nederland). Han has been a member and chairman of audit panels multiple times and visited programmes in a number of disciplines. Han speaks English and German. 

Han Brezet

Rob van der Hoorn MBA

Domains: Economics, Business administration, Fiscal

Originally, Rob is a business economist and a business manager. Until the summer of 2018, he was the director and owner of the Hobéon Groep. As a consultant he has over 25 years of experience in which he applied his business economic knowledge and skills. For example for coaching innovative start-ups, advising in the (execution of) mergers and take-over of organizations, the financial restructuring of organizations, mediation in recruiting capital and solving other business economical issues. Next to that he has been an interim manager for organizations in higher professional education that had (small) business or economics programmes. He has also given guestlectures. Rob is a qualified Lead Auditor ISO 9001 and is in possession of the Senior Kwalifiactie Examinering (SKE). He has been a chairman for accreditation-audits in higher education since 2004 and has chaired hundreds of audits at applied science universities, both at the bachelor and master-level. Due to his extensive experience he is well-aware of the level that should be expected from applied science graduates. Rob is also a certified member of the OOA (Orde van Organisatiekundigen en-Adviseurs) and a member of the NCD (de Nederlandse Vereniging van Commissarissen en Directeuren).

Rob van der Hoorn
Ruud van der Herberg

drs. Ruud van der Herberg

Domains: Education and Healthcare 

Ruud is an indepedent consultant. He provides advice for accreditations in higher education, vocational education, secondary and primary education in the realm of quality assurance (i.e. INK), excellence (Honours programmes) and sustainability issues. Ruud is a certified lead auditor ISO 9001 and SKE-certified. He is also involved in peer visitations and chainreviews in vocational and secondary education and with audits ‘Opleiden in de School’ in secondary and primary education. He also trains auditers in educational and healthcare organizations. He has many years of experience as a teacher, manager/director in secondary education and volunteerorganisation. Until 2018, Ruud was a partner at Hobéon Groep in the Hague. 

drs. Bert Reul

Domain: Economics

Bert has been involved in higher education since 1990. Initially as a teacher for (English) bachelor and master programmes, later in a number of management positions. He has studied English in Leiden, Economics in Amsterdam and Business management in Portsmouth (UK). Currently, Bert is director of the Rotterdam Academy, the institute that manages the associate degree programmes for the Hogeschool Rotterdam. He is an expert in the field of Associate degrees in the broadest sense of the word, he is a member of the Nationaal Overlegplaform Associate Degrees. During his career Bert has been an interim in multiple roles at the directorial level. The area of focus for those roles were financial policy, optimizing management, professionalizing teacher teams and middle management, curriculum development and quality. Bert is also available for English audits.

Bert Reul
nies Rijnders

drs. Nies Rijnders

Domains: Economics, Tourism, Leisure

Until August 2019, Nies was manager of the Avans Centre of Expertise for Sustainable Business, a centre for applied scientific research in the business domain. In this role he ran the daily operations in the centre and the connected lectoraten and he was involved in setting up and implementing applied research in the area of sustainable entrepreneurship and the connection between research and education. From September 2019 he is senior project manager at Avans. This entails i.a. project leadership in setting up a new master programme and a directing role in the recalibration of the Avans-wide research policy. Nies has extensive experience in higher education at both the Breda University of Applied Sciences and the Avans Hogeschool. This experience ranges from teacher in (business) economics courses, quality advisor, project leader educational innovation and senior educational advisor. In these roles he has gained extensive experience with educational innovation and execution, drawing up and implementing educational visions, assessment policy and quality assurance. When he was director of the Avans School of International Business he has i.a. worked on its international accreditation as an IB-Programme. Nies is registered as expert in the German FIBAA and has completed the Hobéon-training Senior Kwalificatie Examinering (SKE). 

Mieke Hollander

Mieke Hollander

Domain: Healthcare

Mieke Hollander understands the requirements that the professional field has of graduates well. She has worked in Healthcare since 1972; first as a nurse and later on in managerial/directorial and advice roles. In her previous roles as regional director at ROC ASA and collegial director healthcare at ROC Midden Nederland she worked with organisations like Movisie, Vilans, Trimbos and Zorg voor Beter. Currently she is an independent healthcare entrepreneur for Zorg4effect. 
She engages with interim and project management for healthcare and professional education. Additionally, she’s advisor for strategic policy at the educational institute KMBV and advisor radical change nursing home at LOC (network in Healthcare). She is also an advisor for the educational institute KMBV and a member of the Supervisory Board at the Stichting Algemeen Opvangcentrum Purmerend. 

Mariette Huisjes

Domain: scientific education

Mariette is an experienced, NVAO-accredited secretary for peer reviews for university programmes and scientific research. Until now she’s born the responsibility for 35 reports. For example, in 2018 Marriette lead the visitation of the bachelor and master programme Accountancy for Qanu, and in Utrecht for the bachelor programme Economics and Business Economics. Additionally, she was involved as secretary for i.a. the programme accreditations for Physics and Astrophysics, Social Geography and planning, Region studies and Psychology (2018) and the research evaluation for Environment studies, Wageningen School of Social Sciences ad the Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences (2021). Next to her work as secretary, Mariette is project leader and copywriter for several clients in the scientific world. For example: NWO, the KNAW and several universities and scientific research institutes. Marriete has ample experience writing English reports. 

Mariette Huisjes