Recognition of professional qualifications

  • Labor and organization Expert (Arbeids- & Organisatiedeskundige, Occupational and Organization expert)
  • Occupational Hygienist (Arbeidshygienist, Occupational Hygiene Manager)
  • Higher safety Expert (Hoger Veiligheidskundige, Safety Manager)



In order to decide about granting access to a regulated profession the following documents are required:

  • Proof of the applicant’s nationality.
  • A copy of the certificate(s) of competence or education title(s) granting access to the profession of the applicant.
  • A statement of the professional experience regarding the nature and duration of the work of the applicant. This declaration has been issued by a qualified authority or institution in the member state of origin of the applicant.
  • A copy of a certificate from the qualified authority or institution in the member state of origin of the applicant. The certificate shows that the professional competence of the certificate matches the title of the requested certificate.

These documents must show that the applicant has sufficient:

  • Knowledge of the Dutch language for safely practising the requested profession.
  • Knowledge of the Dutch ‘Arbowetgeving’ (occupational health and safety legislation).


Handling time

The application will be processed as soon as possible (at least within one month). If the application dossier is not complete, a message is sent to the applicant about the missing documents. The application will in any case be concluded no later than three months after submission of a complete application dossier by a reasoned decision from Hobéon SKO.


Overview of costs/fee schedule.

Assessment of competence certificate(s) including professional experience

€ 600,-

Assessment of professional education including professional experience

€ 1065,-

Assessment of comparable professional certificate

€ 445,-

VAT (21%) not included.


Objection and appeal

A stakeholder can object to a decision made by Hobéon SKO. If the stakeholder does not agree with a decision taken by Hobéon SKO, he/she can submit an objection. Hobéon SKO then starts the objection handling procedure.

The submitted notice of objection must at least contain the following information:

  • Name, address and place of residence of the stakeholder.
  • Date of the objection.
    • A description of the decision or a copy of that decision against which the objection is made.
    • The grounds for the objection.
    • A signature by the stakeholder.

A notice of objection must be submitted, within six weeks of the date of the decision, to Hobéon SKO. The notice of objection must be sent to the attention of:

Hobéon SKO
Certificatiecoördinator VAO
Lange Voorhout 14
2514 ED  Den Haag
The Netherlands


An appeal against a decision by Hobéon SKO can be made to a Dutch court.


More information and submitting an application: